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The Ganoderma mushroom has highly praised for more than 2000 years. The Chinese have used this mushroom for its mystical properties resulting in what they believe was improved health and wellness. Today many people are using the ganoderma mushrooms and many other mushrooms for the same reason the Chinese used them.  In the past couple of years the use of these mushrooms has started to accelerate because of the awareness that some of the network marketing companies is putting on the ganoderma mushrooms.

Several network marketing companies are making a blend of coffee and ganoderma. This is a perfect match if you ask me. I always remember to drink my coffee in the morning. I almost always forget to take my supplements up until now. My supplements (ganoderma) are now mixed in with my coffee to give me a superb tasting coffee and plus it is now good for me to drink.

You can get coffee with mushrooms in it in an instant coffee as well as a brewed coffee. One company , JavaFit,  has now made this mushroom blend available in a single serve freshly brewed coffee right in your coffee cup. All you have to do is open the single serve pack and place the round filter that contains the coffee/mushroom blend into the bottom of your cup. Add hot or boiling water and let sit for a few seconds and then stir and presto you have a fresh brewed healthy coffee. 

I have looked at other companies that carry the coffee/mushroom blend but I have a hard time convincing myself to buy from these other companies. Several companies only make this blend in an instant coffee. I also found that the coffee comes from China. Personally I won't put any food from China in my mouth. My reason why?? I live in New Orleans and after the hurricane a lot of houses were renovated using Chinese sheetrock. A year later people were complaining of health and breathing problems. The cause??? It came down to the Chinese sheetrock. I guess the Chinese had some extra sulfur they wanted to get rid of because they put high levels of it in the sheetrock they sent to New Orleans. Not only did people have health problems but the water pipes that were in contact with the sulfur laced sheetrock started to corrode and then leak. Ever since then I have felt this way.  You can read about and look at the pictures. http://www.chinesedrywall.com/gallery.html  .

OK enough said about imported coffee from China.

Another company gets their coffee from Malaysia. I was told that Malaysia has good quality control. I'll leave that up to you but me,,, no coffee from them either.

Another company gets their coffee from Africa. I have herd very favorable comments about the coffee coming from there. People I talk to love the coffee and people I know have told me the company that markets the coffee in the United States is a very good network marketing company.

Now to the last company that I know that puts ganoderma in their coffee and that is JavaFit with their Java Impact product. This is the coffee I buy and drink and love the taste. The coffee and the mushrooms are 100% organic. the coffee beans are from Latin America and the 14 different mushrooms are from the United States. The coffee is roasted in Miami, Florida and the mushrooms are added to the blend at the end of the roasting process.

Yes I am partial to JavaFit Coffee but it is an honest assessment I am giving you here. I have reframed from using the names of the other coffee companies only because I want you to do your studying and try samples from all of them and then you pick the one you like best. Leave the network marketing opportunity out of your assessment of the coffee. Make sure you like the coffee before you even think about the opportunity. I want you not to take my word for it. I want you to try them all and then decide. I know not everyone is going to pick JavaFits Java Impact Mushroom Coffee but at least I have got you making sure of the coffee 1st and opportunity 2nd. To me there is nothing worst then to have someone join JavaFit and be wishly washy and wonder if maybe they should have tried the other companies coffee before they joined JavaFit.

I want people that are focused and love the coffee and love the opportunity and are chomping at the bit to get their business going and it all starts with that 1st cup of coffee they drink from JavaFit. If I can win you on the taste then the whole process is a lot easier. You come in the business like that and I will be making you webpages and then websites to get your online business going.

When I got started on this page I just started typing as it came to me. I really didn't know just what I was going to have but now I'm finished and reading over it I'm happy with it. This is the way I write and it is usually spur of the moment and I am truthful on the subject. Thanks for all that took the time to read this and I hope it has helped you out.